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Medieval Links

Web Elements

Clipart Castle....Thousands of free graphics for Medieval, Celtic, Egyptian, Space and more.  Excellent Medieval Source for graphics.
Art Today.........Extensive clip art site with animations, web elements, clip art and more.
Lycos Image Gallery.....Large site with 80,000 images, pictures, illustrations on just about any subject.
Kat's Meow.... Beautiful Medieval, Gothic, Creature sets that are very well done.  You must check this one out.
Medieval Clip Art.....Good source for Medieval clipart.

Web Resources

Modern Code of Chivalry.....Modern code based on the "Old Code"
Rules of Courtly Love.....from the Art of Courtly Love, by Andreas Capellanus

Special thanks to my sister, Jean Belk, vice president of marketing and design for L.A.T. M. Corp/Silver Threads, 1410 Broadway, New York, New York for designing and making the medieval costumes worn by Cindy Taylor and Michelle Hunt.