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A Pirate's Journey 

Did the pirates really fly a flag known as the Jolly Roger? You bet they did!  Find out the significance of symbols used and how they became known as the Jolly Roger by clicking on Blackbeard's Flag.

By lighting his beard with hemp fuses to appear on fire, this ferocious pirate terrorized the coastal waters of North Carolina.  Click here to find out more about Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard.

Queen Anne's Revenge, Blackbeard's ship, is believed to have been discovered off the Beaufort, NC coast.  Find out about this discovery, as well as other interesting facts about pirate ships.

Did pirates have to abide by laws on a ship?  What types of punishment did pirates face?  Who were some of the more famous pirates?  What types of weapons did pirates use?  Click on the ship above to find out the answer to these and other interesting pirate facts.

Click on the  flying book to find vocabulary words you will need to know.

Click on the pirate to find a list of activities you will need to complete for this unit.


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