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Courtly Love




The Court of Love was a light-hearted court held in Provence, France, during the twelfth century to sort out problems associated with love.  Often run by ladies, the court might decide which man was the real love of a particular lady.

Courtly love defined the relationships between knights and ladies in the feudal court.  The ideals of courtly love state that a knight should devote himself completely to a married or betrothed woman at court.  In his lady's name, he waged war or jousted in tournaments to win her favour.  Courtly love helped define relationships between men and women at court.  In order to please their ladies, knights strived to master the
arts as adeptly as they did the skills of warfare.  Writing poetry, singing love songs, and playing musical instruments became invaluable to the knight when
hoping to entertain his lady.

Code of Chivalry