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Pirate Activity Page


In order to be a seaman on our pirate ship, you must achieve at least  "C-Level" by completing the following required activities.

Complete all reading assignments in Treasure Island.

Complete daily journal entries in your "Ship's Log."

  Make vocabulary book and selected illustrations.

Create a flip book with illustrations of each chapter in Treasure Island.

Complete all classroom activities:

        Complete KWL chart
        Create treasure map
        Design personal Jolly Roger
        Write own Code of Conduct
        Make idiom pictures of piratical language
        One page written report
        Write a pirate poem
        Complete all activity sheets
        Label parts of a schooner

Complete one additional activity from given list.


To become a boatswain on a pirate ship, you must earn a grade of "B"  by completing the required activities for "C-Level",  as well as two additional activities you choose from a given list.

    If you want to be the Captain of your own pirate ship and earn an "A",  you must complete the required activities for "C-Level",  as well as three activities from each of the four additional activity categories.

Additional Activities

Brochure on either pirate punishment, weapons or ship terms.
Mobile on pirate weapons or treasure.
3-D Model of a ship, pieces of eight, weapon, pirate clothing, or sextant.
One page report chosen by student, but must be teacher approved.