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The Age of Castles 


 The grand age of castles began nearly 1,000 years and lasted for almost 500 years.  During this time, castles were spread all over Europe.  Now some of the once mighty castles lie in ruins, but are still a powerful reminder of the period of time called the Middle Ages.

The high, thick walls of the castles rose above the countryside and perched majestically over the waters of the moat.  Castles were built during an age of war.  Their high, stone walls served as a base for the lord and his knights to launch attacks against approaching enemies.  Their lofty towers and thick stone walls provided protection against the worst attacks.

Castles were also homes of kings, queens, princes and powerful lords.  Inside the castle walls there was a grand hall, a chapel, and  cozy bed chambers, which provided a comfortable life for the lord and his family.

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