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The period of history known as the Middle Ages lasted from 500 A.D. to 1500 A.D. It started as the Dark Ages, the tumultuous period of time that marked the fall of the Great Roman Empire. The once powerful empire that spread law, order and language into the Western world could no longer control or defend the territories it once conquered. The barbarians from the North stormed their way across Great Britain and Europe with artful savagery, thus ending the period of classical Roman culture and beginning the age of disorder. From this turbulent time, the men and women of the Middle Ages , possessed with determination and natural instincts for survival and justice, prepared the foundations for the wonderful Ages to follow. In this unit, you will learn of the people who lived in the Middle Ages. You will learn about their heroes and the clothes the people of the Middle Ages wore. You will also find out about the feudal system, the weapons used and the parts of a castle and the castle's offenses and defenses. This unit will take you on the journey of a boy and what it takes to become a knight. You will know what the word chivalry means, as well as the meaning of a shield, a coat of arms and of course, King Arthur and Camelot.




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