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King Arthur



Transformed by Merlin's potions into the likeness of
the absent King Gorlois, Uther Pendragon, king of
Britons, arrives before the gates of Tintagel fortress
at twilight.  The guard admits whom he takes to be his
royal master.  That night king Uther spends with Golois'
Queen Ygerna, whom he loves to distraction.  That night
she conceives Arthur, most famous of men.

History of the Kings of Britain, Geoffrey of Monmouth, 1135-50

The legends and myths surrounding the story of King Arthur and his knights of the round table are never ending.  The story of Arthur starts with him as a child, conceived out of wedlock by  Lady Ygerna, (Igraine) wife of Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall.  Ygerna became the subject of Uther's undying passion. " My passion for Igerna (Ygerna) is such, that I can neither have ease of mind, nor health of body, till I obtain her:  and if you if you cannot assist me with your advice how to accomplish my desire, the inward torments I endure will kill me."  ( from Geoffrey of Monmouth)  Golois wanting Ygerna to be safe, tucked her away  in  Tintagel.  With the help of Merlin's magical powers, Uther was changed into the image of Gorlois.  Uther entered the castle and fooled Ygerna into thinking he was her husband.  Uther slept with Ygerna and Arthur was concieved.   Gorlois was away fighting and was immediately and conveniently killed in battle.  Uther and Ygerna married and Arthur was seen to be legally their son.

The royal wedding was a grand ocassion.  All the nobles of Britain and France were there.  Besides Uther and Ygerna getting married, two of the new Queen's daughters also married the same day.  Morgawse married King Lot of Lothian and Orkney, and Elayne married king Nentres of Garlot.  Arthur had two new very powerful sons-in-law.

Ygerna's youngest daughter, and the one she loved the most, did not attend the wedding.   Morgan le Fay loved her father, Gorlois, and she blamed Merlin for his death.  She also hated Uther and put a curse on the unborn child.  Morgan also had powers and mystical ablitlies.  These powers, combined with her charm, were not to be taken lightly.-

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