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King Arthur 
Family Tree

Duke Gorlois
Lady Igraine
Duke Gorlois and Lady Igraine were married and had three daughters, Elaine, Morgawse, and Morgan Le Fay. Fay.
Uther Pendragon

Uther married Igraine after Golois was killed in battle and produced a son, Arthur.

Morgan Le Fay

Merlin convinced King Uther to let him take Arthur
to Sir Ector and let him live with him and his son, Sir Kay.

Sir Ector
Sir Kay

Arthur Pendragon

King Leodegrance was the father of Guinevere, Arthur's wife.
King Leodegrance gave Arthur the Round Table.

King Arthur and Guinevere

The three girls of Duke Gorlois and Lady Igraine married Kings.

King Lot
King Nantres
King Uriens
Morgan Le Fay

King Lot and Morgawse
had three sons, Gareth,
Gawaine, and Gaheris.

Sir Gareth
Sir Gawaine
Sir Gaheris


Sir Lancelot
Sir Galahad
Sir Percival