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The Lady of the Lake


The Lady of the Lake was generally referred to by different
spellings of the  names Nimue or Vivienne.  Water deities were
 popular with Celtic Society because they controlled the very being
of life itself.  The automatic flow of the of rivers, lakes, and streams
showed mystical powers of the goddesses who lived within them
and giving offering to these water deities were commonplace,
especially offering of weapons and other valuables.  Today the practice is
carried out through the tossing of coins into wishing wells, with the
Lady of the Lake being thought of as Lady Luck.



Merlin met The Lady of the Lake and fell immediately in love with her.
His love for her was so great that he agreed to teach her all his
mystical powers.  The lady became the recorder of Merlin's
prophecies, as well as his lover.  Through the years, the Lady of the
Lake's powers grew greatly.  She became more powerful than her
teacher, Merlin.  After leaving Arthur, Vivienne kept Merlin in a cave, which
after many years, he realized it was his prison and he was powerless to leave.


Vivienne, the Lady of the Lake beguiles Merlin

The Lady of the Lake is best known for giving the sword Excalibur
to King Arthur.  Vivienne asked Merlin to bring Arthur to her.
Arthur arrived at the mystical lake as the first rays of sun sparkled
on the waters.  Rising from the water, Vivienne carried a glorious
sword in her hand. The sword's blade was blue steel.
and the hilt was twisted ivory and gold.  The scabbard was also
silver and covered with precious stones.
Arthur reached down and accepted the magnificent sword, Excalibur,
from the Lady of the Lake.  Vivienne knew that the sword pleased
Arthur and told him it was made for him and him alone and that no
other mortal could ever touch the sword. She told him it would serve
him faithfully and well, but that she must ask him for one thing in
return.  Vivienne told Arthur that he was young and had many
years of fame and glory ahead, but as all great kings, he was also
mortal and one day would die.  When the day of death comes, she told
Arthur that he must return the sword to the water from whence it came.
If not, the spell on the sword would be broken and the sword would
rust and tarnish away, as would the memory of Arthur's name.
Arthur promised to do as she had asked.  He thanked her, but could not
take his eyes off the incredibly beautiful scabbard.  The lady told Arthur
the scabbard had powers far exceeding that of the sword, because not
only would the scabbard protect the sword, it would protect his life.
No harm would ever come to whomever wore the scabbard and
she told Arthur he should protect the sword with his life.
As Arthur took the sword and prepared to return to his kingdom,
Merlin told Arthur that he didn't need him anymore.  As he told him to go,
he also told him his heart went with him.


Arthur receives Excalibur from The Lady of the Lake


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