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Guinevere and Arthur's Wedding



Guinevere was the daughter of King Leodegrance, of Cameliard. King Leodegrance was also holding King Uther's Round Table in his home in Cameliard.  During Arthur's reign as king, he gave assistance to King Leodegrance in battle against the Irish.  In return for Arthur's aid, King Leodegrance betrothed his daughter, Guinevere to King Arthur.  Merlin was opposed to this marriage because he knew that Guinevere was in love with Sir Lancelot, the most handsome knight of the Round Table.  Although opposed, Merlin could do nothing but bless the marriage of Arthur and Guinevere. Merlin then went to King Leodegrance and told him that Arthur desired to wed his daughter, Guinevere.  The King was overjoyed by this news.

"That is to me, said King Leodegrance, the best tidings that ever I heard, that so worthy a king of prowess and noblesse will wed my daughter. And as for my lands, I will give him, wist I it might please him, but he hath lands enow, him needeth none; but I shall send him a gift shall please him much more, for I shall give him the Table Round, the which Uther Pendragon gave me, and when it is full complete, there is an hundred knights and fifty. And as for an hundred good knights I have myself, but I faute fifty, for so many have been slain in my days."

The ceremony was attended by kings and queens from all over Britain as well as great British lords.  Kings from Aragon. Castile, Cyprus, France, Naples, Navarre and Sicily came too.  No gathering before had matched the splendor of their marriage ceremony.

All eyes were on the royal couple as they walked back down the aisle.  Arthur and Guinevere looked royal indeed.  The archbishop had even said it was a marriage made in heaven.

Knights of the Round Table